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7-Day Writing Challenge.

Have a story inside you but not sure how to move forward?

Begin Writing Your Memoir or True Stories—Even With No Previous Creative Writing Experience

Successfully tested for:

✓ ADHD Entrepreneurs, Writers, Emerging Authors + Trauma Survivors

✓ people who want the confidence to write emotionally engaging stories (drawn from their personal experiences)

✓ people who want to leverage their traumatic, personal story to optimize revenue and impact

“There is no agony like having an untold story inside you.”

Zora Neale Hurston, Author (and my fellow Columbia alumna)

Skills You'll Acquire from Torah


How to cut through writing overwhelm


How to open an article, chapter, or story


How to scale up and scale down your stories


How to crush “Show, don’t Tell”


Understand the difference between PR and Marketing


Understand why emotionally compelling stories are ADDICTIVE

Who This Is For:

Entrepreneurs. Writers. Emerging Authors. Trauma Survivors.

This is for you if you:

  • want to practice a proven technique to cut through the overwhelm (in only 12 minutes a day)
  • don’t know how to move forward with your story
  • need your 1-sentence story or 30-second elevator pitch
  • want to learn more about self-publishing vs. traditional publishing
  • want to know how to introduce yourself to your target audience or at social events
  • want a mentor/teacher who gets the emotional investment required to write a raw memoir
  • commit to writing daily, complete all the assignments, and don’t expect to become a writing wizard overnight 🙂 

Why You Should Learn from Me

The path to becoming a skilled writer takes dedication and time, but if you have the raw talent and you put your mind to it, you’ll have no problem becoming one of the best.


Because I’m good at teaching stuff that even the Ivy League schools can’t get right (like helping you understand what the heck “show, don’t tell” is).

I’m an Amish Ivy League alumna and I love teaching trauma survivors how to leverage their personal story to generate more $, influence, and impact around the world. Read/watch mine on MTV, Tim Ferriss’ blog,, and The Huffington Post.

I’ll meet you at whatever level you’re at and if you want to continue after 7 days, you’ll have the option to take my paid 6-Week online course that will build upon everything you’ve learned in the 7-Day Challenge.

A Message from Torah

When I was an 11-year-old Amish girl, I dreamed of becoming an author. Books were my passport to the universe.

“Some day I’ll be a famous writer, too,” I thought. “Like Louisa May Alcott. Or Frances Hodgson Burnett. Or Lucy Maud Montgomery.”

After my first semester at Columbia University, I never again took a writing class.

Traumatized by bloodbaths of ink and Cs on every essay (except one—I got a B minus on that), I avoided all creative writing courses from then on.

“I’ll never be a writer.” I swallowed my pain and exiled all visions of literary greatness to another galaxy.

For the next four years, I stumbled through a humanities degree with no clue as to what the secret was to boost me from a B paper to an A.

What Students Say

These are reviews from people who’ve taken my 7-Day Challenge or one-on-one coaching/consulting.

I can write a half-way interesting story in 12 minutes (a big win).

That someone thinks I can write a decent kids’ story was a very pleasant surprise.

David T.


I gained more confidence. And had fun in the process. I completed it because I knew I had Torah helping me in the process; that was key for me. Tatiana T.

Sales Consultant

I had no idea I had so much I wanted to write about. I would have never known without this workshop. Keerthi V.

Emerging Writer / Medical Student

Torah has a keen sensibility for honing in on the essence of one’s story. I didn’t know where to begin. I felt so overwhelmed by all the events of my history that I wasn’t able to see a clear path to sharing it.

Torah helped me by inquiry and led me to the essentials of my story with tenderness and empathy. I knew it was there in me all along but I felt insecure about sharing it.

Torah turned the light on inside of me and gave me the courage to own my story.  Thank you!!

Sara G.

Performer, Coach + Playwright

Torah, you are the key to my future. Lizzie Hershberger

Forthcoming Memoir Author

It’s just recently that I realized that I AM capable of writing compelling material. You’ve helped me realize why this happened and how to do it more consistently!

The tips and personalized feedback from Torah made these 7 days a joy. I’ve learned a writing process that will pay dividends for as long as I write, and hopefully that’s a long, long time. Aron C.

Naturopathic Physician

Just finished writing a book. First draft referenced you. Thank you so much for helping me write again!

You’re a great influence.

Leslie F.

Forthcoming Author

This was an eye opening exercise. My mind just spewed all of this out. Corrinne S.

Emerging Writer



Anatomy of a Chapter from a Published Book

$47 value

This eBook includes real-life examples of revisions of a chapter in my memoir An Amish Girl in Manhattan.

You’ll see the very first draft of the chapter (written by using the exact same process you learn in this course) and how it evolved into its final form.

PLUS it includes a year’s worth of prompts, editing/revising cheat sheets, and a complimentary digital copy of my memoir An Amish Girl in Manhattan.

Personalized Support

1-on-1 Partner

$ Worth more than the course fee

My feedback sets you up for optimal success in this course.

NOTE: This 1-on-1 daily feedback was split-tested in the beta course and made the difference between students completing the course (those who got my feedback) and students dropping out (those who didn’t get my feedback).

Community Support

Private Facebook Group

$ Priceless

The value gained from this course by actively participating in the private FB group and submitting assignments on time for feedback is truly priceless.

About Your Instructor

Torah Bontrager is the author of the book An Amish Girl in Manhattan: Escaping at Age 15, Breaking All the Rules, and Feeling Safe Again (print + eBook). She escaped from the Amish at age 15 and became the first Amish person to graduate from an Ivy League school: Columbia University in New York City (with a BA in Philosophy and a focus on Tibetan Buddhism). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and

Torah’s story has been featured on MTV, Tim Ferriss’ blog,, and The Huffington Post; and she hosts a YouTube + iTunes podcast the Amish Entrepreneur Show with Torah Bontrager.

Torah Bontrager

Writing Mentor, "Leverage Your Story"

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn in the Challenge? or What is the Challenge curriculum?

7-Day Challenge CURRICULUM
Welcome + Introduction

• [Welcome] Fun, Easy ASSIGNMENT 🙂
• [Video] George Saunders: On Story

Day 1, Wednesday

• [Lesson 1] The 12-Minute Writing Process TM (that I developed and used to write my memoir and that will give you an unfair competitive advantage)

• [LIVE] Real-time Writing Exercise to Experience the 12-Minute Process
• [Video] George Saunders: On Story
• [Article] Why Your Brain Loves Good Storytelling
• [Article] The Neuroscience of Storytelling
• [Article] This Is Your Brain on Podcasts: Why Audio Storytelling Is So Addictive

Day 2, Thursday

• [Lesson 2] Your Personal Story in 1 Sentence (that you *must* know in order to optimize your PR results)

• [LIVE] Story Transformations that Pop, Emotionally Compel, and Engage
• [Bonus*] Complimentary 10-Minute Laser Coaching Call with Torah

Day 3, Friday

• [Lesson 3] Show, don’t Tell (a classic fiction writing technique that no one in business uses enough in their books, blogs, and other material, which = lost $)
• [LIVE] Break-down of “Show vs Tell” Examples in “George Saunders: On Story” Video

• [Lesson 4] Scaling Up and Scaling Down Your Stories (how to go from a well-crafted one-sentence story to a well-crafted 500-word or 1500-word, etc. story)

• [LIVE] A Writer’s Toolkit

Day 4, Saturday

• Complete the 12-Minute Writing exercise like usual

Day 5, Sunday

• Complete the 12-Minute Writing exercise like usual

Day 6, Monday

• [Lesson 5] Your PR vs Marketing Stories (once you understand the difference–and what that means in terms of $–you’ll promote yourself with more confidence)
• [LIVE] The 80/20 Rule

• [Lesson 6] Your About Page Transformed (how to content-optimize the second most-visited page of a website now that you know your stories)

• [LIVE] “About Page” Makeovers

Day 7, Tuesday

• [Lesson 7] The Emotional Investment of Writing + Self-care + How to Handle Fame and Privacy (things I learned from writing my memoir and working with celebrities)
• [LIVE] Always Put Yourself First


• Timer Countdown

• Writing Prompt Generator
• Character Countdown

I'm confused. What's the difference between the free 7-Day Challenge and the paid 6-Week Course?

The FREE 7-Day Challenge is designed specifically for you to test-drive, or get a taste of, the paid 8-Week Course and is actually a prerequisite and an opportunity for you to decide whether or not it’s worth it to you to continue writing with me.

NOTE: The 6-WEEK “Leverage Your Story” course is by application only. This means that not only do you have to complete the 7-Day Challenge first, but I might not feel that your talent or skills are developed enough yet for the paid course.

Will the LIVE calls be recorded? Or do I need to be on the calls or watch them afterward?

The LIVE calls for the 7-Day Challenge are optional and the recordings will be made available afterwards. You do not need to be on the live calls nor watch the recordings in order to accomplish the objective of the Challenge.

HOWEVER, if you want to continue writing or are thinking about taking the paid 8-Week Course, then you definitely should go through all the live call material because it’ll give you a headstart with the 8-Week Course. PLUS it’s possible that if you apply everything offered in the Challenge, you could earn enough from what you learned to pay for the 8-Week Course.

How much time will this Challenge take up?
30-35 minutes per day and possibly less. I’m very conscious about time management and this amount of time is enough to complete each day’s exercise.
What's the objective/goal of the 7-Day Challenge?

The only goal of the 7-Day Challenge is for you to gain the confidence to write (or write more effectively) by using Torah’s 12-Minute Writing ProcessTM.

That said, you’ll learn a lot of very useful techniques and tips to help master the craft of writing and/or position yourself better in business.

What's the objective/goal of the 6-Week Course?

The goal of the 6-Week “Leverage Your Story” Course is for you to fully leverage your personal story for revenue and impact by using Torah’s 12-Minute Writing ProcessTM and other writing techniques, secrets, and shortcuts.

What is your refund policy?
This is a free course so you have nothing to lose. Keep in mind that these 7 days are actually a prerequisite to the paid “Leverage Your Story” 8-week course. PLUS the 7-Day Challenge is designed specifically for you to test-drive or get a taste of the paid course.
I've had bad experiences in writing workshops, MFA programs, writing groups, online courses, etc. Are the people in your course going to be bitchy, negative, backstabbing, etc.?

I can’t control others’ behavior but I’ll do my best to monitor the group and create a safe space where everyone is contributing positively toward each other.

If anyone turns out to be routinely unkind, they’ll get kicked out. I want this to be a fun, growing, and positive experience for everyone, including myself. 🙂

I have more questions.
Email me via the Contact form and I’ll answer ASAP.

Start Date: TBD








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